Bea and Ken Otte
Bea Otte Graduation
Bea Otte and ?
Fred And Clementine
Grandpa and Grandma, Ken and Judy Otte
Ed and Eleanor, and Ken Otte
Fred, Clementine, Bob and Bill Otte
Fred, Clementine, Chrissie and Merissa Otte
Grandma and Grandpa, Ken and Judy Otte
Leroy Otte
Ken Otte and Judy Urbanski
Grandma and Grandpa Otte
Eleanor, Roy, Jan and Karen Otte
Grandpa Otte
Jim Eleanor Karen Jan and Leroy Otte
David Tim Jeff Mayann Ann and Joanne Cory
Grandma and Tim Cory
Grandpa Otte Beatrice Ed Bill and Eleanor
Grandma and Judy Otte
Grandma and Fred Otte 1939
Aunt Mary Grandpa Grandma Otte Chrissie and Marrita

Tim Cory
Thanksgiving 1947
Grandpa Leo Otte and Grandma Otte and ?